Our Mission

Serving people and preserving our planet by catalyzing the emergence of trusted supply chains.

Our Vision

We believe that in a poly-crisis world, the next-frontier of supply chain is to become Antifragile, and reinforce itself with shocks and disruptions to better serve the common good.

The necessary condition for this is to bring together  Advanced Visibility and  Advanced Collaboration,  Empowered by Trusted Analytics.

This is WHY we created KatalX, focusing on Vital supply chains.

The KatalX Antifragility Compass

To help companies navigate the complexity of their supply chain transformation, we designed the KatalX Antifragility Compass.

Partner of Choice

Profitable Growth

License to Operate

De-risked Operations

Customer Delight
Operational Excellence
Sustainability & Resilience
Quality & Compiliance
Compass arrow
  • Progress towards Zero-Excursion/Zero-Deviation by default.
  • Offer innovative solutions and services to you customer and become the Co-Innovation partner of choice with no compromise on Quality & Compliance.
  • Enable Real-time collaboration between stakeholders to address issues together. This builds Trust.
  • Automate and orchestrate supply chain process end-to-end, to ensure optimal customer service.
  • Enable command center powered by Trusted Analytics, and scenario simulations.
  • Foster a continuous improvement culture that builds Trust and loyalty.
  • Digitize SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure accurate control of step by step requirements.
  • Be much faster and accurate on NCR(Non-Conformity Reports), RCA (Root cause analysis), and CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action plans), and CAPA Effectiveness.
  • Embrace the circular economy by better managing reverse logistics of your logistics assets (boxes, tracking devices).
  • Manage by exceptions to best allocate time and resources on what counts.
  • Measure and optimize your CO2 impact across your entire supply chain network (scope 3).
  • Streamline custom clearance and document sharing, and make your lead time much faster and predictable.
  • Navigating the complexity of your supply chain transformation across all key dimensions of your business, holistically.
  • Building an Anti-Fragile Supply Chain, rooted in Advanced Visibility & Advanced Collaboration, Powered by Trusted Analytics
  • Fostering TRUST in your supply chain…and ultimately your entire Value Chain, end-to-end