The next-gen supply chain Visibility & Collaboration platform, empowered by Trusted Analytics & AI

Why KatalX

Commercial Distribution

Clinical Supply

Cell & Gene Therapy


Humanitarian Aids

Challenging Projects

Supply chain challenges



  • Process Visibility
    Chain of Custody / Events
  • Product Visibility
    Chain of Condition

Data Analytics

  • High-Fidelity Data
    Data you can Trust
  • Actionable Intelligence
    Data relevant to you, Now


  • Document sharing
    On a “Need to know basis” with tamper-proof audit trail
  • Collaboration on Remedation and Risk Managment in real time

Efficient Supply Chains

Need to accomplish three mutually-supportive goals, while breaking down silos…

Operational Excellence

Reduce Waste & Loss / Delays / Costs

Improve Lead Time in manufacturing and distribution

Continuously improve performance

Sustainability & Resilience

De-risk your supply chain

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Embrace Circular Economy

Quality & Compliance

Ensure quality control procedures and product traceability end-to-end

Comply with increasingly complex global Regulations

Prevent risk of re-occurrence by implementing CAPA

KatalX Unique Value Proposition

We bring together Advanced Visibility & Advanced Collaboration into a single supply chain platform, empowered by Trusted Analytics & AI

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