KatalX Unique Value Proposition

Visibility and Collaboration are Mutually-Reinforcing.
Visibility without collaboration is ineffective and frustrating.
Collaboration without visibility is pure agitation.
Analytics are only actionable, if they can be Trusted.

Advanced Visibility

Trusted Analytics

Advanced Collaboration

Chain of Events

Chain of Identity / Chain of Custody

Geolocation / GLN

SOP Templates / Regulatory requirements

Notifications  / Acknowledgments

Integrated GMP / GDP

Chain of Condition

Temperature / Humidity / Shock


Active / Passive device

Thresholds / Alerts

Tamper-Proof Audit Trail

The power of Trusted Analytics & AI

Supply chain Insights / Predictions / Optimizations

Intelligent Automation

Smart Assistant

Trusted Data Sharing

On a “Need to Know Basis”

Documents digitization

Reporting / Archiving

Secure Chatroom & Video

Actionable Intelligence

Intelligent screening Thresholds / Alerts

Exception management

Workflow improvement and War Room

KatalX Activity Map

Supporting well-designed logistics process

Orchestrate Process

Monitor KPIs

Audit & Analyse

Manage Risk & Share information

Realign Plans

Assess Performance

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  • Control

  • Improve

  • Plan

  • Track

  • Trace

  • Collaborate

Orchestrate Process

  • Plan, simulate, and choose optimal shipment workflow based on suppliers, transport modality, shipping lanes, and schedule.
  • Review projections for CO2 emissions.
  • Include a plan for returning reusable assets: pallets, boxes, IoT devices.

Monitor KPIs

  • Tracking all shipments in real-time, with sorting and smart screening.
  • Real-time view of shipment status and individualized to-do-list managed by Virtual Assistant.
  • Guiding users in navigating through complex quality assurance processes.

Audit & Analyse

  • Audit Trail featuring tamper-proof immutable and trusted audit logs per shipment.
  • Analyzing records of KPIs deviations (temperature, SOP compliance etc.) ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Facilitating Root Cause Analysis and Risk Assessments

Manage Risk & Share information

  • Coordinating effective communication among stakeholders via video and chat.
  • Securing and ensuring confidential sharing of documents between users on need-to-know basis.
  • Providing tools review and assess risks on product condition and schedule delivery based on process and product visibility.

Realign Plans

  • Real-time notifications for KPI deviations in product conditions and process non-compliance.
  • Ability of changing procedures and logistics steps to align current shipment with the established plans.
  • Presence of Virtual Assistant guiding users to correct lack of process compliance.

Assess Performance

  • Assessing performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement across all key KPIs.
  • Using data insights and advanced analytics to improve workflow design and simulate outcomes.

Design Principles

  • Simplicity
    Simple to use and relevant to you.
  • Flexibility
    Adapted to your systems, tools and processes.
  • Scalability
    Designed to support management by exceptions across your entire supply chain, with intelligent process automation where needed.

Benefits to All Stakeholders

KatalX is designed to help you accelerate your supply chain transformation by bridging the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow

Operational Excellence

Automate processes
Reduce lead time
Continuously improve operations

Build Resilience

Reduce waste and loss
Reduce delays and recalls
Save time and resources

Customer Delight

Earn customer trust
Strengthen your reputation
Become truly customer-centric

Foster Trust

Ensure quality controls
Guarantee total product integrity
Comply with regulations

Demonstrate your Leadership on Sustainability

Ensure Compliance

(waste, safety, counterfeit)

Embrace The Circular Economy

(reverse logistics, recycling)

Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emission

(scope 3 supply chain)

Master Collaboration

(within your buisness network)