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Unlocking Supply Chain Success: Gartner’s 2023 Insights

Another very good Supply Chain eBook from Gartner, focusing on the Top 4 ways to capture supply chain hasztag#competitiveadvantage and make sure Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCO) become a hasztag#strategic partner of the C-Suite (again) 👍

1/ “CSCOs can impact strategic outcomes by shifting their focus from operational excellence to commercial innovation” (without losing sight of operational excellence and continuous improvements)
2/ “Future-Proof the Supply Chain Through Climate Adaptation” (both on carbon tracking Scope 3 and circular economy are very meaningful supply chain topics)
3/ Enable real-time decision execution across your end-to-end supply chain (to shape an Anti-Fragile/Resilient/Agile supply chain)
4/ Attract, train and retain the best Supply Chain Talents by fostering an exciting Human-centric work environment, supported by the right technological solutions.

at KatalX, we are committed to contributing to this exciting Supply Chain transformation journey… helping “Catalyze Trust in Supply Chains”, starting with Vital Supply Chains.