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Insights Podcast #3: Sustainability in Healthcare Supply Chain

Damien de Chillaz


Very honored to be invited by Pharma.Aero to share KatalX‘s thoughts on this challenging subject of #sustainablesupplychains , with a focus on #lifesciences and #coldchainlogistics .

If anything, Sustainability in Supply Chains should be seen as a True Business Mindset, not the “Cherry on the cake”, across all sectors.

It shall help drive Customer Delight, Operational excellence, Quality and Compliance, as much as Cost effectiveness. It should be leveraged as a strategic business driver, fostering a virtuous circle of 1/ De-risked operations, 2/ License to Operate, 3/ Partnership of Choice and ultimately 4/ Profitable Growth… It should also be seen as a (the?) condition to attract and retain the Best Talents, while embracing true #servantleadership in full coherence with our company’s Mission/Vision.

As my friend Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA puts it in a very inspiring white paper from Refashiond Venture… “The World is a Supply Chain”, and needs to be “refashioned” based on more Sustainable Foundations (Scope 3 Carbon Optimizing & Circular Economy among other things).

At the end of the day, this is all about building our Brands (both personal and corporate) around TRUST.

Very exciting and humbling Journey, definitely worth embracing in a collaborative mindset!