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3rd Edition of ‘Building Trust in Health’ Event: Fostering MedTech and BioTech Innovation

Damien de Chillaz


Thank you Pascal Marmier (孟思恺) and the Economy of Trust Foundation for hosting this powerful event, at the crossroads of #HealthTechInnovation and #DigitalTrustSolutions . The Unlimited Trust Campus was the perfect venue for this ! I was very humbled to be invited to present KatalX, in the context of the Trust Valley.

#Trust is everywhere in healthcare supply chains
> TRUST in the #Product integrity (the “Chain of Condition”)
> TRUST in the #Process ( the “Chain of Custody” and “Chain of Identity”)
> TRUST in the #Data sharing (on a “Need to Know basis”)
> TRUST in the #Analytics … AI is great, assuming that you can rely on #highfidelity data.

The issue is that “you don’t engineers trust… you earn it”.
At the end of the day it is all about a subtle combination of #Visibility and #Collaboration between people and companies, for the benefit of #patients

The stakes are very high in Healthcare.
Contrary to any other sector, the so-called “end customer”, the patient, is a suffering customer… who can only build hopes of recovery on #Trust.

This week, we hosted the 3rd edition of the multi-stakeholder event “Building Trust in Health”.

👩‍⚕️⚕ Aiming to foster an ecosystem of hasztag#MedTech and hasztag#BioTech innovators, the event brought together around 150 participants active in the sector and provided a platform for a number of startups to present their projects and expand their networks. 👨‍⚕️⚕

💡 Our Secretary General, Pascal Marmier (孟思恺), also moderated a conference debate on “How to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to the startup” between the CEO of Trust Valley, Lennig Pedron; CEO & Co-Founder of Kickstart Innovation, Katka Letzing; and Founder and Managing Partner of Seed Space Venture Capital, Dirk Steller. 💡

⚡ In recognition of the growing ecosystem of the unlimitrust campus, the program also featured resident startups from our in-house incubator, Trust Village, such as csky.ai, KimboCare, Quantum Brand Protection and uSec. ⚡

Renewed thanks to our partners for organizing the event and raising awareness of why trust is fundamental to the digital transformation of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.